Personal Learning Networks

Wallpapers HD - 6001This is my mock proposal to an English department on why we should be using or creating a PLN. It was a little difficult to write the proposal as was unsure how indepth I should be getting. MOst of my unit and lesson planning is centered around jusing technology as it is anyway, so I tried in this proposal to simply give a justification for why we as a department would want to consider using a PLN.

This is a sample proposal to a class. This proposal includes more specifics that are related to actual lesson planning and unit structure. Again, however, I tried to keep it as brief as possible and did not include specifics.


2 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks

  1. Tim, both of these proposals are very thoughtful! I was very impressed with your student assignment because I hadn’t even thought about framing it the way you did. You turned it into an extended writing component of the course, which is actually a really useful way to go about introducing PLNs. I also really like your project goals or benefits. They are clear and perfectly suited to an English classroom.

  2. TIm, I really like your plan for your student assignment, it is really well thought out and gives very clear instructions. I am still struggling to write handouts that spell things out very clearly and I tend to write more open-ended assignments, reading you hand out will hopefully help me write better assignments in the future.

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