Hello everyone. My name is Tim Morris. I am in my penultimate semester of graduate study here at Cortland, next semester being student teaching. I am married with one son; a 19 month old boy named William. Currently, I work as a devlopmental aide at a state-run respite house. (If possible, I would like to occasionally post on some of my experiences in the house working with the consumers, perhaps shedding some light on what life is like for them. I have to check with my higher-ups first though; the last thing I want to do is violate some section of HIPAA!).

As far as technology goes, I would say that I am what Richardson calls a “digital immigrant”. The internet became a prominent part of life when I was somewhere in the middle of high school, and I didn’t even have a computer at home until I was 18 or nineteen. That being said, I think that I am fairly capable when it comes to, and comfortable with,  technology. I know, however, that there is still a lot for me to learn in terms of using tech as a compliment to my teaching and I am pretty excited to see where this class goes. I look forward to working with you all and I foresee us having a fun and productive semester.


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